Reviewing the Standard FRN-6 Pro-Feed Rotary Numbering Machine

Tim The Tutor | 24th November 2010

Reviewing the Standard FRN-6 Pro-Feed Rotary Numbering Machine

For those looking for a high-speed and on-demand heavy duty numbering machine, we may have found the perfect machine for you. The Standard Duplicating FRN-6 Rotary Numberer out-stamps the competition with its unique numbering technique that allows for pristine number imprints, even in high-speed environments… something unheard of when using impression numbering machines. In this article we will discuss the Standard Numberer, explaining the ins and outs so that you can determine whether it is right for your needs.

The Standard FRN-6 Numbering Machine is the economical choice for smaller in-plants and instant or commercial print shops. The sheet spacing system uses electronic pulses to ensure accurate registration while the top-feed friction fed system is extremely easy to set up and maintain, even when numbering up to five multi-part sets such as NCR or other carbonless paper. The in-feed and delivery trays fold away for space-efficient roll-away storage.

The Standard FRN-6 Numbering Machine offers state-of-the-art design, rugged construction, and stand-alone operation — freeing you from time-consuming numbering on-press. The rotary action delivers tremendous productivity gains versus impact numbering machines because the sheets don’t stop during the numbering operation. The Standard FRN-6 can number, perforate, score and imprint simultaneously, with up to four numbering heads. You can operate backward, forward, convex or parallel heads together. Assurance of sequential numbering is ensures because the numbering machine won’t cycle until a sheet is presented.

The key to quality numbering begins with the Standard rotary design. Unlike crash-numbering systems, the Standard Rotary System provides superior print quality, even at extremely high speeds. As the head rotates, the numbering head is advanced, re-inked and the number is offset directly onto the sheet, just as on a printing press. The deflection that can cause shadowing is eliminated with this system because each numbering head is locked one a heavy-duty precision-ground steel shaft. What’s more; the advanced inking system prevents other inking and resultant splash.

You can guarantee clean number definition, even through multiple-part sets, be ensuring positive point contact and easy platen pressure adjustment for various stock thicknesses. A sophisticated sensing system can activate the maximum allotted numbering heads, allowing both parallel and convex heads to be run simultaneously. You can also repeat, skip and do multiple numbering without stopping the sheet, giving you an unmatched level of productivity; producing up to 6,000 sheets per hour.

The FRN-6 uses principles similar to offset printing to eliminate over-inking and ensure clean, consistent quality numbering. A micro-porous ink roller is clean to use, never needs re-inking, and can produce up to several hundred thousand impressions before it needs replacing. Ink is transferred from the micro-porous ink roller onto a form roller that inks the numbering head. You can even use different colored ink rolls at the same time, a versatility advantage other machines can’t provide. There is also an optional inking system available that allows the use of standard tuber-based inks. The oscillating action mills the ink on the form rollers, providing quick recovery, more uniform ink coverage and sharper, crisper numbers in a wider range of colors.

The FRN-6 Standard Rotary Numbering Machine comes complete with perfing and scoring attachments. The slitting perforators give you a flat perforation on a wide range of stocks. In addition, a variety of perfing, slitting and scoring wheels are available.

It takes just seconds to remove and hang the fold-away tables of the FRN Numbering machine, freeing up valuable working space in your shop. Industrial grade rolling castors allow for easy roll-up to production areas, as well as quick roll-away for space-efficient, out-of-the-way storage when the machines are not in use.

This Standard Numberer offers smooth and accurate feeding, adjustable platen pressure for different paper stocks, the use of multiple parallel or convex numbering heads, and fold-away feed and delivery tables for convenient and space-saving storage. It comes standard with the Leibinger numbering head (7-wheel, gothic, 3/16”), two perforating blades, one scoring blade and one red ink roll.

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